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tl;dr - I photograph families in the SF Bay Area; $300 session fee comes with all high-resolution files. Email chung.nguyen(at) with more info about yourself and your family to get started (or use the contact form below). Thanks!

Thank you for your interesting in having me photograph your family! I usually photograph small families composed of two parents with one or two kids, plus an occasional fur-child of the canine persuasion, and tend to do so either at a nearby park or in my clients' own homes.

My goal for the portrait session is to provide you with not only naturally posed portraits, but also fun and smile-inducing candid moments that are often too fleeting to be captured properly in normal everyday life. You know, when people usually don't have a large camera "stealthily" aimed at you.

To boil it down, here are the key features of this service:
  1. Beautiful photos. Beautiful photos of Mama. Beautiful photos of Mama kissing Baby/Child/Kid. Beautiful photos of Papa playing with Baby/Child/Kid. Beautiful photos of Mama and Papa together. Beautiful photos of Baby/Child/Kid, making a plethora of adorably hilarious faces.
  2. Low-stress, laid back experience. Since I'm most likely photographing in your house, you won't have to pack the whole family into the car to go anywhere exotic where parking is unpredictable and/or nonexistent. Is there spit-up on the shirt? No problem! Change into another one: your closet is only two rooms away. Plus, your usual creature comforts are nearby, which is invaluable for appeasing Baby/Child/Kid.
"But I'm still not sold. Why should I hire someone to photograph my family? WE HAVE TONS OF PHOTOS TOGETHER!"

I totally get it. Booking me to photograph your family is not the same as not booking me to photograph your family. While I make it as painless (and fun!) as humanly possible, you still have to do things like: consult your busy schedules to find an actual time, find clean/nice-fitting clothing to wear, primp a little (gasp!), and actually spend a little time with me... and your family. :)

Let me tell you about 1998. I was 17 years old at the time when my sister came home from the hospital with this 7-pound baby boy. My nephew! I had never seen anything so small in my life and it was amazing/hilarious/everything-else-in-between to see him grow before our eyes. The whole family clapped and cheered him on when he took his first steps. In the blink of an eye, he is in high school now. And on Facebook, too. Seriously.

The point being: time flies. Really, really fast. And yes, you probably have tons of photos together as a family, but this is actually setting time aside to make new memories together while creating a lasting family heirloom. And art. (Plus, Mama is probably always the one taking the photos of the family and while she never says anything about it, I know as a matter of fact that she would absolutely love to have some photos of her with her family and everyone looks good and happy to be together. It's true.)

"OK, what's the next step?"

To get started on booking your session, simply use my contact form below to get in touch. The session fee is $300, which includes an on-location session that lasts between 45 to 90 minutes and yields between 50 to 75 lightly edited high-resolution digital files. (You'll be able to get prints done anywhere you like and I will make some recommendations, depending on your decor needs and wants.)

Fill out the form below, click submit, and we'll go from there. Email you soon!

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